Monday, 21 October 2013

It all turned out nice in the end

Yesterday morning, Sunday, when it was my turn for a lie-in I was up at 5am getting ready to head out to the New Forest with Mark Linton. Our aim was to try and get some sunrise shots through the trees on Ornamental Drive near Rhinefield House Hotel, and then hunt for some visually interesting funghi to shoot.
As it happens sunrise was a pipe-dream as we had some of the heaviest rain I had seen in a while. In fact, while we were in the forest a mini tornado caused a fair bit of damage on Hayling Island, which is only about 20 miles away from where we were. It was windy with us, but not that windy! Anyway, you get the idea that it wasn't a lovely morning!

After a conversation which included the option of just giving up and going home we decided to head to the Boldrewood area and look for mushrooms. Donning our wet weather gear we headed off into the trees and looked for areas where there would be some fallen trees and branches which mushrooms tend to grow near to. We found a nice little opening which had some very interesting mushrooms (to my VERY untrained eye).

This is where the buil-in WiFi capability on my Canon70D came into its own. I was able to set my camera up slung underneath my tripod and control it directly from my iPhone. It meant I didn't have to get down and dirty in the mud :-). It did present some different challenges though. Namely trying to compose the shot while looking at the screen of my phone and moving the tripod very gently and slowly until I was happy. I was doing #macro shots of the mushrooms so I ended up crouching over the camera to manually change the focus so I could then stack multiple images together when I got back home.

All-in-all I was very pleased with the outing. It was nice to get out into the #NewForest so early in the morning, the rain eventually stopped...and we saw two beautiful deer jumping through the trees, with full heads of antlers. We weren't able to get our cameras in time to take any pictures of them, but they were a beautiful site.

I'll be posting the #funghi images online in the next couple of days.

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