Thursday, 10 October 2013

Catching up on my Project52 (I'm a little behind)

When I started my Project52 (one photo per week on a specified subject) I stuck to it religiously and didn't miss an upload date. But then I went away on holiday for two weeks to Menorca in August and obviously couldn't upload anything from there. So that meant I was two weeks behind. But then I got back to work and it seemed that the whole world had gone crazy and I didn't get 5 minutes to myself for weeks on end.

It's still just as crazy at work, but I'm now about 11 weeks behind on the Project52. I know you are supposed to take the photo in the actual week that the theme was set for, but rules are there to be broken sometimes so I'm now playing catch-up.

This photo is for Week 30, when the theme was Texture. My 3 year old son found this shell on the beach at Milford-On-Sea in Hampshire and handed it to my wife, saying "Pretty shell for you Mummy". It now has its own display area on the dashboard of our campervan.

I hope to catch up completely with the rest of the outstanding themes over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out. I may even put a dedicated page on my website ( for the project photos.

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