Thursday, 30 October 2014

Iceland - T-minus 3 days

So, the countdown has well and truly begun!
In 3 days time myself and four friends will be flying out to Iceland for a photographic tour.

5 grown men and all their luggage and photographic gear in one car.
4 nights in different accommodation each night.
Approximately 950 miles to cover in unpredictable weather!
Loads of photo locations along the way, and every sunrise and sunset in between.
And, of course, hopefully we'll be able to capture the Northern Lights...fingers crossed for clear skies!

Our wish list of locations:
Blue Lagoon
Gullfoss waterfall
Faxafoss waterfall
Mt Hekla
Seljalandfoss waterfall
Skogafoss waterfall
Solheimajokull glacier
The town of Vik
Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon
The Iceberg beach
The abandoned DC-3 airplane on the black beach

Thats a lot of locations and not a lot of time to squeeze them in!
I think we will all be very very tired by the time we get back.

I shall be updating this blog and my Facebook page each day while we are out there, so please keep your eyes open for the latest upload.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Iceland - it's all packed!!!!

That was far too easy!
I must have forgotten something!
What have I forgotten?!?

Managed to find a bag that all my clothes AND my tripod would fit in. And it's still within SleazyJet weight limits!

I've even got the roofbox on the car so myself and the four others can travel to Luton Airport without being squashed in like sardines!

I'm hating that feeling that I've forgotten something :-/

Iceland - packing begins

Today is when I try and pack everything I need for my trip to Iceland into the smallest bag possible. 
There are 5 of us going and we are staying in different hostels and digs every night. Because of that we need to think of comfort for all of us in the car, so if I get everything into a small bag then there'll be more room for us passengers. 

My dilemma? My tripod. 
I have a carbon fibre Manfrotto tripod and although it doesn't weigh much I need to fit it in the bag as well as I'm already taking my camera gear on the flight as hand luggage...and I'm sure EasyJet wouldn't really fancy letting me on the plane with it in case they think it's an offensive weapon or something. 

Could be time for some imaginative packing :-/

Really blummin excited though :-)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It's been a while!

I've been neglecting this blog for a while! Oops! Really sorry about that! Must try harder. 
The reason...I haven't been out with my camera in a while. Plain and simple. 

However, there's going to be a few posts with new photos coming in the next few weeks as I'm off to Iceland on 2nd November for a week with 4 photography friends. So expect photos of the Blue Lagoon, Kirkjufell mountain, Skogafoss waterfall, glaciers and more.