Monday, 14 September 2015

Nice day out at Revival

This weekend just gone was the annual extravaganza that is Goodwood Revival, where loads of pre-1966 cars race around the old Grand prix circuit near Chichester in West Sussex. About 90% of people who go along to watch dress up in period clothes and make a real effort with the whole thing.

I usually go along with three friends and we hire a motorhome and stay there for four nights to watch all three days of racing...and generally have a few beers and a good laugh. This year was just a day trip because the other guys couldn't make it. I wasn't originally goimg to go this year, but some of my girlfriends friends had suggested going so who was I to say no to a day out at Revival. Ok it would be different dynamics, but I was still really looking forward to it.

We arrived by train and got the shuttle bus from Chichester station to the race circuit by 10am and we had a quick wander around to show the girls where some of the main attractions were. Then the bottles of fizz popped :-)
More than one bottle of fizz ha ha!

Being the only man among a group of six women certainly was different from what I have been used to in the past, but I'll definitely be doing it again. Ok, so I didn't actually get to see any of the racing but that's ok...I see that now. it was a great day out and I really enjoyed it.

I did bring my camera with me and got some lovely photos of the ladies in our group, and I hope they all like them. here's a couple of my favourites.

This is Melissa, my gorgeous girlfriend, looking absolutely stunning in her dress and 1950's hairstyle. I think she has amazing eyes and just love taking pictures of her.

This is Melissa and her good friend Kate. I absolutely love this shot!
This was one of those moments that works out perfectly. melissa and Kate were just having a lovely chat and laughing with each other and when I pointed the camera at them they both just peaked over the rim of their sunglasses and pulled this brilliantly fun pose for me. Think I'll get it printed :-)

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