Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Location Frustration

Sunrise this morning was one of those clear, crisp and colourful affairs. There were beuatiful colours in the sky and a bit of light frost on the ground. With those ingredients all coming together I headed off to work a little earlier than usual (at this time of year you don't need to be up at stuipd o'clock to get a nice sunrise photo), knowing just where I wanted to shoot.

On the route I take to work there is a gap in the hedges of the narrow country lane that, when you drive past it, you can see through and down into a nice little valley. The plan was that the sun would have been behind me and I would have been shooting down into the valley to capture the first rays of light hitting the tops of the trees poking out of the frosty mist. I had checked The Photographers Ephemeris a couple of days ago, so knew which way the sun would be shining, and the weather conditions were perfect. It was all falling into place.

There aren't a great number of places to park along that road as it is a narrow single-track lane with areas that you can pull in to pass other vehicles if you meet one coming in the other direction, but I was able to park up in the wide area just in front of a gate into one of the farm fields. I was feeling confident at this stage.

I changed into my walking boots, grabbed my camera bag and tripod from the back of the car and set off into the gap in the hedges, visuallizing in my head what the finished image would look like and getting excited about uploading it to my website, Facebook page, Flickr and 500px accounts. It was going to be all misty and atmospheric with cool dawn colours leading upwards to the warmth of autumn leaves being lit by the first rays of morning sunshine.

Walking through the hedges onto a public footpath I was faced with an eight foot high fence all the way along the side of the path that I wanted to get through!!! I hadn't planned for that had I. Doh!

The moral of the story? Sometimes a quick spur-of-the-moment shot can produce a stunning image, but if you've gone to the effort that I have as described above then I really should have stopped there on my way home one evening to take a little walk to ee what the view would be like. I then could have saved myself the time this morning and headed to another location without the frustration of wasting a beautiful sunrise.

Be warned beautiful sunrises of the future...I'm coming to get you!

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