Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Iceland - Day 2

After waking up we headed 10 minutes up the road to Kirkjufell mountain, probably the most famous and most photographed mountain in Iceland.
The thing that has surprised me most here is the length of time it takes the sun to rise or set. In the UK we are used to rushing to get set up and start taking images as soon as we are ready for that 15 minute window. Over here we get 2 hours of colourful skies to work with. 
At Kirkjufell I was able to try about 3 different locations and took two 5-minute exposures with the Lee Big Stopper. 

Once we were done shouting at an annoying French guy who kept getting in our way and ruining our shots we started heading south towards our digs for the night at Hvolsvollur. 
On the way we stopped when we spotted some great light anywhere along the way. 

It was a bit cold though!!!

We headed to Gullfoss (yep another waterfall), but due to weather conditions the walkway to the best place to shoot from was shut. Because Gullfoss is fed from a nearby glacier, and the wind was coming from that direction it really was freezing. The spray coming off the waterfall was causing havoc with taking shots as well. 

Back in the car then for a two hour drive along gravel roads to our hostel for the evening. 
One thing that REALLY grates on me about Iceland though is the fact that all the shops shit by 7-8pm...after we got to the hostel. That meant no food and go to bed hungry and grumpy. 

The northern lights failed to show up again! Beginning to think we are going to miss out completely on this trip. 

Day 3 is further south again towards Vik stop offs at Seljalanfoss and Skegafoss along the way.

Here is the link to Day 3

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