Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sometimes, when my kids are asleep...

A bit of a playful one this time. 
Sometimes, when my kids are asleep, I sneak into their rooms and steal some of their toys so I can play with them myself. 
My eldest son loves playing Skylanders Giants and Swap Force on his Nintendo Wii, so last night I grabbed all the Skylanders figurines he's got and put together a picture for him that I'm going to get printed into a poster for him, for his birthday.

This is made up of 8 individual images aligned beside each other. The finished image dimensions are 6ft wide by 1ft tall, and the low-res version is 22MB! The finished Photoshop file is 240MB!!! Just a bit too big for Facebook.

On these miserable wet days its always good to crack on with an indoor project.

Speak soon]]Kevin.

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