Monday, 30 December 2013

Time to use the Christmas pressies

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. 

The big man in the red suit didn't bring me any photographic equipment, but after dropping some hints I did get a load of Amazon vouchers for me to buy what I wanted. I love that freedom :-)

My old camera bag was a cheap one that I bought when I first got into photography. It was just meant to tide me over until I got something better. Three years later it's finally time to get a new one as it was getting too small for my needs and was starting to fall apart. 
I ordered a Lowepro Vertex 200 AW, and I can easily say I am very impressed. It is much bigger than my old one and takes all of my kit very easily. Its shoulder straps are extremely comfortable as well. Loads of little pockets to hold odds an sods, and a dedicated compartment to hold a laptop or tablet if you want to carry one with you. 

Why else did I buy? I also got a second flashgun and wireless receiver so I can produce much better lighting for portrait shots. 

I'm looking forward to practicing with different lighting set-ups. I just hope the wife and kids are going to be willing models :-/

Wishing everyone a really great and happy New Year. Best wishes for 2014 :-)

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