Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Getting this thing off the ground

Well, I've been thinking about building a website for ages now and I've finally taken the plunge and started building one. I had put it off long enough, thinking it was too daunting and it would take too much time to do.

Daunting? Yes, definitely.
With so many suppliers out there my first brain wracking decision was which one I should use. After speaking to loads of people (who all suggested I use different ones) I settled on using Wix. Why? Because it seemed as good as any of the others and it looked like there was plenty of help available for a complete novice like me.

So, I'm in the middle of building the website and hope to have it published soon and will announce it on my Facebook page as well (www.facebook.com/KevinBrownePhotography). I will hopefully work out how to link this blog to the website as well.

My reasoning for wanting a website?
I wanted somewhere I could use as a showcase for my photography hobby. I've been into photography for about three years now and have learned a hell of a lot in that time. I've picked up a lot of knowledge and experience through reading everything I could get my hands on, websites, magazines, blogs, facebook pages etc. And now I want to show off what I've learned.

You never know, somebody might want to buy one of my images! I hope so :-)

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