Thursday, 6 November 2014

Iceland Day 4

The first thing I noticed when I woke up this morning was the sound of rain on the hostel roof...heavy rain! 
Looking out the window confirmed we would not be shooting sunrise today, no matter how long it lasted. 
Our plan was to stop at the iceberg beach near Jokulsarlon and photograph the big lumps of ice which are washed up on the beach after breaking off the end of the glacier. Then we wanted to find the abandoned American Navy DC-3 airplane which crashed in 1973 (no one died thankfully). We were also thinking of making a few other stops while making our way back to Reykjavik. 

Finding the iceberg beach was easy. It was very surreal walking along a beach made of volcanic black sand in between big lumps of crystal clear ice which are just sitting there as if every beach should be like that. 

There were so many options for taking photos on that beach. 

Luckily I brought a cameradom with me because it was pouring with rain the whole time we were there. Freezing cold as well! I was wearing thermal longjohns, my lined hiking trousers and a pair of waterproof leggings, two micro-fleece base layers, a thermal mid-layer, a hoodie and my big coat along with neck gaiter, hat and two pairs of gloves. 

After a couple of hours shooting on the beach we headed off to find the DC-3   That meant another couple of hours in the car towards Reykjavik. 
When we found the turning off the main road we had to travel about 3 miles off-road across more black sand. That wasn't 3 miles along the beach parallel to the sea though. That was 3 miles down the beach towards the sea. Some of the open expanses here in Iceland are simy mind-blowing! 
More heavy rain (again) when we arrived at the plane. Those pilots must have thought they crash landed on Mars (except the sand was black not red). Apart from some mountains in the distance all we could see was black sand in every direction! 

Back in the car and onwards to Reykjavik. The scenery still absolutely astounds me. 

Reykjavik surprised me. I don't really know what I was expecting but it was much bigger than I thought it would be. The apartment we had was stunning as well, right in the 101 district which is where there are loads of bars, restaurants and galleries to keep people interested. It has a really young and vibrant feel to it. 
We were initially thinking we were going to go out for some celebratory drunkeness to round off a fantastic week, but we needed food first so found a chinese restaurant. The food was amazing. And reasonably priced as well. 

The obligatory photo of Reykjavik church. 

Iceland...I love you. I'll definitely be back!

Keep an eye on this blog over the next few days for updates on the proper photos being uploaded to my website.

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